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Hot Water Tank Has A Leak
[ Friday January 6th 2023 at 7:44 pm ]

I just went to have a warm bath in order to soothe the pain and stiffness in my legs. But there is no hot water. I investigated the source of this. I've discovered a pin hole size leak in one of the solder joins. I am glad to know I don't have water gushing everywhere. I discovered a trail of water that entered the junction box containing the electric thermostat. This has triggered the fuse. My legs are done. I had used them for the most I should have done when I stopped sewing. The way my legs now are means I can't progress further. They are properly done from being overloaded.

When my legs cooperate next I will assess what is needed for a repair. I hope is able to be tomorrow. I won't know until I wake up. I very carefully structure my days on account of my physical disability. I've pushed my legs to the fullest extent that they are capable of. This is opposed to stopping without causing my physical disability to spiral out of control. Hopefully I won't be in too bad of shape tomorrow. But this is concerning me.