Living Life In A Wheelchair

Pain Control Cream Set In Motion
[ Monday November 21st 2022 at 12:55 pm ]

When my right knee joint buckled for a second time on September 30th 2022 the pain and stiffness I begun to experience became it's own wild animal. I haven't been sleeping well most nights on account of it. The knee has been waking me up as I try to rest. I had been using a 4% Lidocaine gel. When I started using this it was a life line. I was doing good. But it is no longer effective.

On Thursday I attended an appointment with a pain specialist. He has prescribed an alternative topical gel to target the pain. I can't begin to explain the difference a good quality night sleep makes. This topical gel contains 5% Lidocaine with 4% Ketamine. This targets a broader sweep of pain receptors. This will be instrumental in my treatment plan.

The pain specialist confirmed I had exhausted all options. With the knee joint demonstrating a mechanical issue surgical intervention is necessary. This doctor wants to help me by building an overwhelming case to have my knee joint replaced. He did a referral to a top quality MRI imaging clinic about 3½ hours from my home. This is a one off opportunity to help me that I just don't want to waste. Where I am going doesn't have the wait times of the local MRI imaging machines. With the pain and broken sleep this is a fast track to a surgeon making a decision if they will offer to replace the knee.

Before filling this prescription I needed confirmation that it wouldn't interfere with upcoming MRI imaging of my right knee joint. I've been experiencing knee contusions. I didn't want to risk sabotaging the opportunity being made for me. I sent the MRI clinic several photos of my knee contusions. They have got back to me and let me know this won't interfere. I should have the prescription mid week and then be able to book my MRI imaging session for next week.

The MRI clinic director has been very responsive in answering my questions. I have done my utmost to express my thanks to her. I really have appreciated the time spent answering logistical questions in helping making this happen.