Living Life In A Wheelchair

Automated Job To Create Editions Of The Word Mash Game Is Programmed
[ Sunday November 20th 2022 at 8:15 pm ]

I've kept plugging away at the Word Mash Game I am creating. I have achieved another milestone. I have worked out the series of commands that automate the creation of each edition. I have set this up different than other cron jobs. For this I designed that new editions be created 28 days ahead of time. The idea is that if something breaks there is time for me to work it out before the game is actually played. Overall what I am focused on is being consistent. I would really like the game to gain traction. I am doing my best to manage the one off computer glitches that periodically announce themselves. It has been a good challenge working out how to trigger the game creation using date math. The automated job checks once an hour if a new game needs to be created. I don't want to suddenly have thousands of future games that will never be played. Things are moving forward. I am encouraged. I really enjoyed playing Scrabble with my aunt as she was dying from cancer. This word game is filling a void in my life that her death created.