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Continued My Efforts To Clean And Organize My Home
[ Saturday November 19th 2022 at 6:30 pm ]

I have started work on the next step of my house cleaning and organizing goals I am aiming to complete this winter. I started putting the possessions I plan to sort through this winter onto the shelves I recently purchased and assembled. It will take me throughout the remainder of November to complete this step. Much of them are already in containers. This physically positions the possessions where I am able to easily access them. This is to remove a barrier for the efforts I want to make in cleaning and organizing my home. I kind of enjoy sorting through my possessions and purging what I no longer need. I figure if I do some every second or third day I will complete what I am setting out to do by the time spring 2023 is here. Then my physical efforts will resume to completing the shed renovations. It will be great having the house better organized. I am trying to do what I have control over to help myself. Putting time and energy into organizing my home certainly counts.