Living Life In A Wheelchair

Severe Right Knee Joint Pain Preventing Me From Engaging In My Physiotherapy Program
[ Saturday October 29th 2016 at 6:45 am ]

My physical health has taken an even more serious turn for the worse:

I decided I would go to the pool Friday evening so I could wrap my mind around what I am able and not able to do in preparation for the medical appointment Monday with my family doctor. As I was driving my power wheelchair the bumps in the road and jostling caused severe sharp pain in my right knee joint. This sharp pain stems from soft tissue damage and makes me feel as if I am about to vomit.

As a result I couldn't do even the most basic of exercises in the water. I spent an hour floating in the pool in the hopes it would help ease the pain. This didn't bring relief. I have medication at my home that helps with this type of pain. It finally started calming down around midnight. This has left me physically weak.

Where this leaves me is at about the same level of challenges following my hip replacement surgery in 2013. It is the approximate equivalent of having one really bad hip joint. I am able to do just a modest amount of mobility (enough to get to the toilet, shower and meal preparation). I have the power wheelchair to manage my mobility day to day living.

From all I've read about a knee joint health care wise my prediction is an injection equivalent of very think motor oil into my right knee joint to stop the friction causing pain could occur. This isn't a permanent solution. It would certainly improve my quality of life and give time for a more methodical approach.