Living Life In A Wheelchair

Had My Picnic
[ Thursday September 22nd 2022 at 4:48 pm ]

Last night I took a Swiss Chalet restaurant gift card I received for my birthday and used it to purchase a chicken club wrap (among other things) to go. I have just arrived home from completing my plan. I've had a wonderful time.

A few months ago I was given a gift card for a cafe in the downtown. The intention of the person was that I'd have a picnic. I was having an extremely difficult time with my legs. This was a friend's way of supporting me. I had a lovely time. I wanted to do it again.

I spent that afternoon taking photos of the various flower gardens on display and a waterfront area of the city I live in I don't often visit. Then I had my picnic with a family of Canadian Geese watching me eat. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Today was just as lovely. I am so glad I got out.

When I get taking nature photos I forget about my physical disability and thoroughly enjoy myself. This has served me well to co-exist with the challenges in my hips and knees. It was completely worth the money I spent on my DSLR camera.