Living Life In A Wheelchair

Serious Physiotherapy Set Back
[ Tuesday October 18th 2016 at 9:30 pm ]

Yesterday evening I followed through on the advice of my family doctor by phone from October 14th 2016 to try my squatting physiotherapy exercise outside of the pool. This has severely backfired.

  • This started yesterday evening just as I was trying to get ready for bed. The pain medication begin to wear off after only 5 hours (instead of the usual 10 to 12 hours). I began feeling a lot of sharp pain within my right knee joint.
  • While using my wheelchair to drive myself to the pool this evening the bumps and jostling set my knee pain off again. My evening 12 hour pain medication brought me no relief whatsoever.
  • I've been unable to do any exercise in the pool this evening because of the pain. I only floated. This wasn't effective in reducing my pain.

Three weeks following my second hip replacement surgery I had a setback because of my right knee joint. My family doctor was on vacation at the time. The ER doctor of my local hospital advised me to take a 7 day break from my physiotherapy to let my right knee joint rest and recover. I've decided to take this same approach now.