Living Life In A Wheelchair

Gifted A Quality Microsoft Web Cam
[ Tuesday April 18th 2017 at 3:30 pm ]

There are a few Internet chatrooms I use for computer programming support questions. I've come to know a core group of people who use the integrated computer I will be switching my server to later this year. We've got to know some of the interests each of us in our personal lives.

Last week a member of this chatroom offered me a quality web cam for making my videos. I explained I have a quality video camera coming mail order. The offer remained. I accepted it. This will give me a 2nd video when I am demonstrating how I do things on account of my physical disability.

Little by little the right things are happening for me. I am gaining confidence that my videos will grow and an income will develop. I need the money this will generate. My disability pension is roughly $600 a month below the poverty line for a single adult in Canada.