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Reaching Out On Account Of Tendonitis Concern
[ Monday April 17th 2017 at 11:14 pm ]

I've thought more about the appointment with my family doctor on April 13th 2017. I am still objectively concerned of my family doctor's persistance of an infra-patellar tendonitis tendonitis diagnosis. I've reached out to the physiotherapy clinic that treated me between November 10th 2016 and February 3rd 2017. I've requested a written statement that my infra-patellar tendonitis was resolved with (4) physiotherapy ultrasound treatments and that other knee pain prohibited me from making progress once this was resolved.

I am wanting consideration given that my infra-patellar tendonitis is secondary to other issues in my knee joints. I feel moderate joint line pain in both knee joints. I know from the demise of both my hip joints that my knee joints are worn out.