Living Life In A Wheelchair

Rocky The Hamster Has Moved In!
[ Thursday November 18th 2021 at 12:33 pm ]

I have had some time to grieve after Mike died. I think I am ready to get another hamster. One was just brought to my home for me. His name is Rocky.

The local pet store has been outstanding. They normally stock just a Russian species of hamsters. From what I am reading these are highly sociable. I don't think I can give the amount of interaction necessary for a Russian hamster to have a really good quality life. Instead the pet store offered to order in the same species as Mike: Syrian hamster. This breed of hamster is more independent. Mike did okay when I needed to be in bed due to my legs. I think this is best.

What was outstanding is that the pet store sent me a picture of the 3 Syrian hamsters so I could choose which one I'd have. I wasn't expecting this. It is just outstanding. Even the friend who picked up the hamster and brought it to my home talked about how friendly they are. The couple that owns the pet store business are well suited to this.

Finally a hamster is easily rehoused if I am needing to have a surgery. I really don't want an animal to be suffering because of my physical disability. It is a really good match for me. I thoroughly enjoyed having Mike. I am hoping I'll bond with Rocky.