Living Life In A Wheelchair

Regenerative Medicine Procedure Complete
[ Wednesday November 17th 2021 at 11:25 am ]

I have just completed my regenerative medicine procedure. I underwent the platelet rich plasma treatment on both my right knee joint and also my right ankle. We don't know if it will work or not. No options are taken off the table my trying. The pros out weight the cons to try.

I am feeling ever so slightly light headed. I had a large flake oatmeal breakfast this morning. The clinic has given me a juice box. This will tie me over until I get home and eat my lunch. The use of a juice box is an exception to the rule. There are several restrictions of food and physical activities I am to avoid in order to give my body the best chance of a positive outcome.

I've known about this since 2016. I've wanted to try this. Otherwise I am honestly backed into a corner again. I am earnestly trying to live my life and make the most of my life. I am at the point where I am writing off 4 days a week and the 3 remaining days are so limited that I am not doing much more than just keeping myself alive much of the time. I try hard and am still committed to my life. If this doesn't work I will have to be very constructively aggressive in pursuing a knee replacement surgery.