Living Life In A Wheelchair

Ordered Drives For Proxy Server (AKA Air Traffic Control)
[ Sunday November 7th 2021 at 2:56 pm ]

I've started working on the next step of my server setup. I am needing a proxy server. In common English what I'm needing is "air traffic control". This is to route connections to the most available server. In computer circles I am setting up load balancing. This provides redundancy. It is to prevent any given server from becoming overwhelmed. I have the single board computer here. I just need the drives. I've just ordered them. Things are moving forward. I am all in to make a go of self employment work. I am hopeful. It is still a process. Ironically I find myself telling others what I need myself: To trust the process. I will be interested to see what transpires over the next 12 months.