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My Backyard Is Graded And Ready For Grass Seed
[ Sunday November 7th 2021 at 2:49 pm ]

My friend came to finish to give me a hand this afternoon. He was working in my backyard finishing up grading it for as much as is possible before winter. I am pleased with the results. This is his third time working on it. It is hard to tell how level the ground is right now with the dirt freshly disturbed. It is certainly better than before this process started. To continue grading my backyard will resume in the spring. At this point the dirt needs to settle. This will happen as the snow melts and the spring rains come in May 2022.

The next step is setting in motion dormant seeding. This involves putting down grass seed just before the winter snow arrives. The expectation is that the seed won't germinate until the spring. The reason I want to do it this way is because of how muddy my backyard will be during the snow melt and spring snow thaw. Trying to seed while the earth is this went will undo much of the effort to level it now. What makes sense is to seed the backyard. Then in summer 2022 go back and make any changes to the yard grade by removing or adding dirt as is appropriate. As I say the backyard is in great shape. There should be minimal effort required in the spring.

I have already ordered a bag of contractor preferred grass seed. With the closure of the garden center as my local Home Depot this is coming from Canada's west coast. It should be ready for pick up at my local Home Depot within a few days. The friend who has been helping me with this is willing to come back and spread the seed. He finds it rewarding working the land and seeing what is created. This is helpful to me in that this is something I can't physically do. For him it gives meaning in helping someone who needs it plus the enjoyment of landscaping. It is a win - win situation.