Living Life In A Wheelchair

A Very Helpful Dialogue With A Child's Grandparent
[ Wednesday April 5th 2017 at 8:00 pm ]

I've just finished a very helpful discussion with the grandparent of one of the boys I interact while at the gym. He is being raised by his grandparents and they are very supportive of the time i spend with him.

The grandfather shared with me that his grandson is weak in reading and writing skills. There is a bit I am able to support this boy by doing:

  • It reminded me of when I was in grade 4. We had a special dictionary in the classroom. How To Spell It. This dictionary had common ways words are mis-spelled. Beside this was the correct spelling. I am going to search online to find a used copy of this to mail order and give to the boy.
  • Helping with his printing skills is another area I am able to contribute. I am sure I can find a tracing font for children to practice their printing. I know some of his interests. I will find things to write about that will be interesting for him and keep him motivated while improving his letter forming.
  • The grandfather also ways him to begin understanding the difference between words that sound the same but are spelled differently. I am sure I can put together some work sheets for this.

Since I have the support of the grandparents this is something I'd like to do.