Living Life In A Wheelchair

Continued Pursuit Of My Effort For Self Employment
[ Sunday March 26th 2017 at 11:39 pm ]

This weekend I purchased a high quality digital video camera, microphone, tripod and memory cards to improve the quality of my youTube videos. It is likely one of my disability pensions will reimburse me through the 'employment start up benefit'. I receive a constant stream of positive feedback. I am grateful to invest in peoples lives. There is also the possibility of this becoming a source of income for me. Over the next few years I am trying to over come my obstacles and no longer need the disability pension. It would be amazing for this to happen. For my friends who believe in God please pray for the God ordained moments that will help spur this on. Please also pray for my wisdom. It is real people watching the videos. I am grateful to be able to share about the logistics I've figured out to manage my life. I know there are people who are hurting and haven't been as fortunate as myself for the supports and the safety net Canada provides for people like myself. This isn't a perfect safety net. But I know I am so much better off than if I was enduring this in many other parts of the world.