Living Life In A Wheelchair

X-Ray Imaging On CD
[ Monday May 10th 2021 at 3:10 pm ]

I am at the orthopaedic clinic. A few weeks ago I spoke to the manager of this hospital's diagnostic imaging department manager. They have followed through giving me all the x-rays they took before and after my hips before and after their replacement surgeries. I asked for the CD because it is coming close to where the hospital is allowed to purge imaging because it is 10 years old. I want to keep the imaging for future reference.

I have a Pocket Health account. This acts as a long term imaging repository. This allows me to upload any diagnostic imaging done at various hospitals so it is all together. This is allows for comparison and promotes continuity in my care for what I have control over. Any images needed for comparison purposes are able to be downloaded and imported into whatever clinic, hospital or health care provider's system I am at.

I find this very helpful managing my physical disability in the long term. I can point at the dates in the various imaging sessions and describe what was happening at that time with my physical disability. This allows me to provide a fuller picture. Alternatively if I am putting together a summary of my health information (such as the pain clinic) I am able to send a link to an administrator to accompany my summary.