Living Life In A Wheelchair

Orthopaedic Assessment And Follow Up Appointment
[ Monday May 10th 2021 at 3:05 pm ]

I have completed my orthopaedic assessment - follow up appointment. This went about how I expected and what I wanted to happen next. On February 1st a steroid was injected into my right knee joint. It wore off after 32 hours. Knowing this the knee surgeon is doing a referral to a regenerative medicine clinic. The hope now is that platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy will restore my knee to a functional level that will improve my quality of life.

There will also be an opportunity to talk about my hips and see if they can be calmed down and help improve my quality of life. Right now I am back with the group of challenges I faced before my hip replacements. I had really planned to move forward with life following my hip replacements and not having made a lasting change. This is something I want to have happen. I am hopeful it will be helpful to me.