Living Life In A Wheelchair

Changed Leroy (My Robot Vacuum) Battery
[ Friday May 7th 2021 at 4:23 pm ]

My Neato BotVac D5 had the red LED error light showing. I had already spoke to technical support. It was expected that the battery was wearing out after 4 years of usage. I ordered a replacement battery and have just changed it. Leroy is showing green again. I am going to leave it to fully charge before the first usage. I will be able to start using Leroy again.

A robot vacuum has been a life line for me. I was at the point of needing to hire someone to sweep the floor each day. The cost to do this would quickly add up. It made more financial sense to invest in a quality robot vacuum. I am so glad I have Leroy. It really is helpful. The only word of caution I'd say is for someone with a physical disability you need to have enough use of your arms and legs to retrieve your robot vacuum if this become stuck. The alternative would be to have your robot vacuum run while someone is present to assist you with other things.