Living Life In A Wheelchair

Crypto Currency Mining Rig Wood Bolted To The Saw Horse Platform
[ Thursday May 6th 2021 at 11:47 pm ]

I have made a simple stand for my crypto currency mining rig using a pair of metal saw horses and " wood. The saw horses were on sale at a local department store 75% off. I already had some " wood in my shed. The only thing I needed to purchase were (4) " bolts and nuts. I now have the four holes drilled and the bolts in place. This step is done.

My crypto currency mining rig is nearly setup. Two steps remain:

  • Changing the motherboard. I have purchased an AMD 6700XT graphic card for mining. It requires a more modern motherboard than I had initially purchased.
  • Setting up venting due to the heat that is discharged during the crypto currency processing. I have these components orders.

Although this has required significant capital to get started this has proven to be a helpful way to subsidize the added expenses of a life with a physical disability.