Living Life In A Wheelchair

Requested X-Ray Imaging On CD
[ Friday February 12th 2021 at 12:31 am ]

I have a PocketHealth account. This server is a permanent imaging repository. The regulations allow hospitals to purge diagnostic imaging after 10 years. Since I live with a long term physical disability I want my imaging to follow me going forward. This allows radiologists to make effective comparisons. As well it helps me provide a narrative for what was happening around each series of images taking of my joints. The only imaging I am missing are the series of x-rays that were part of my hip replacement surgery process. I just left a voice mail message with the diagnostic imaging manager to request these on CD so I may load these into my account. I am hoping he will get back to me and be able to provide these. I want to make it easier for the orthopaedic community to help me going forward.