Living Life In A Wheelchair

Pain Control Appointment
[ Thursday February 11th 2021 at 3:41 pm ]

I just finished a pain control appointment. I asked them to explain to me more of the setup of the doctor office now providing care for my pain control. This is much differently working one on one with a family doctor. It is a staff pharmacist who I have my pain control appointments with unless experiencing a difficult flare up. The staff pharmacist is more available than my new family doctor. I do appreciate this.

But I regret changing family doctor offices. The family doctor I had retired. A change needed to happen. I couldn't physically continue the travel to the next village in order to attend my medical appointments due to my disability. It was just exhausting me. I had begun using the emergency department of my local hospital instead of making appointments with my now retired family doctor.

What is actually bothering me is my new family doctor falsely accusing me of what was not included in consultation notes from an appointment in 2019 I need to speak up for myself. After being called a liar the new doctor has fundamentally destroyed trust at the onset of a new patient - doctor relationship. This is unacceptable.