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Delivery Of The Ethernet Cable
[ Wednesday January 20th 2021 at 11:01 am ]

The Ethernet cable I ordered is here. I am surprised. Mail delivery is quite slow due to the back log created by covid19. However the company I purchased this from used a courier to ship it. They have their own brokerage and customs clearing process. This by passed a multi week wait for entrance into Canada.

I don't actually need this until April. It is for installing Ethernet jacks in the shed to home office renovation. At the same time I will be doing heating and air conditioning so the building is suitable for year round usage. When I thought about the renovation process this was the only item I perceived that could pause the process. Wiring precedes insulating and dry wall.

It was significantly less expensive to order this from the United States than buying it here or buying it by the meter. I don't want to loose the momentum of my YouTube channel growing. A proper home office is the next natural step. It is exciting to have the need for a home office and the prospects this means for my life.