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Ordered A New Computer For Use With My YouTube Channel
[ Monday January 18th 2021 at 2:31 pm ]

I have ordered a new computer. Boy has this been quite the process.

Covid19 has caused the stock pile of components for computers to become depleted. The prices have been artificially increasing due to a limited supply and high demand. I had seriously considered building a computer. But there was no value due to the inflated cost of components. So I decided to assess pre built computers instead.

I looked at several desktop models. It is incredible that you can spend $40,000 and more. I suppose if you are a big outfit this would be justified. I can only imagine the electrical bill this would create.

I wanted to buy a computer I could conceivably use for the next 10 years. I was focused on the available upgrades for memory and CPU. These are motherboard specific. I narrowed my search to 3 models. Two of these actually sold before I could purchase it. I wasn't rushing into it.

I settled on a desktop computer that comes close to the specs I had picked out for the type of computer I would build. It will be delivered in just over a week. I have purchased a memory upgrade so the video editing software is able to perform at it's best. I also purchased a video capture card so I am able to go live on YouTube. This will give me future possibilities.

The need for a new computer is related to my YouTube channel. The video camera I purchased in 2016 has died. I started filming with my DSLR camera. This is requiring a whole lot more processing power than my laptop can handle. The laptop I've been using was made in 2012. In 2018 I did the maximum upgrades possible. I've reached the limit of 8 GB of memory and a 2.8GHz from the 2012 era. The computer has kept on freezing. It is no longer viable to use it for video editing.