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Ordered A Black And White Laser Printer For My Laser Engraver Setup
[ Tuesday January 5th 2021 at 11:23 am ]

In around 2002 I purchased a black and white laser printer. It was a trusty machine and a constant staple in my life when I didn't need color printing. It reached the end of it's life. After much research I've ordered a different model black and white laser printer.

The one feature I wish the printer had is in my new printer: The ability to duplexer. This is the feature that allows the printer to print on the back side of the page flipping it over during the printing process. This will be really helpful in not wasting paper. It is expected to be here at the end of this week.

Within days my laser engraver will be setup and running with the vent hood cover in place. The printer will be useful for printing receipts as the pieces sell.