Living Life In A Wheelchair

Intake Nurse Appointment Completed
[ Wednesday September 16th 2020 at 10:27 am ]

I have finished my nurse intake appointment. This is the next step in the change of family doctor's. I am pleasantly surprised. It went better than I had expected. They seem eager to help me. They told me the services available for people with physical disabilities. This seems like it will be a really great match. This isn't to mention that it is all of 2 blocks from my home. In very practical terms this is my best prospects of improving my quality of life. I am hopeful.

My next step is on Friday. I will have a test video conference. The vast majority of my medical appointments will use video until covid19 is under control. Unfortunately Ontario Canada has entered a second wave. I don't know when medical appointments in person will resume. They are available if I need to be seen in person due to my physical disability.