Living Life In A Wheelchair

Purchased Frozen Pizza And Wings For The Young Adults Who Will Be Installing My New Metal Roof
[ Tuesday September 15th 2020 at 2:08 pm ]

I am beginning preparations for the installation of my metal roof. This will be going onto my shed. In practical terms I'm working towards renovating the shed into a home office. The roof is next next step in this process. I've decided to hire 2 lads form the community where I live. I think they are able to do the installation. I found the roof manufacturers installation educational video for them to watch.

When youth and young adults are at my home helping me when it is meal time I feed them a meal. I asked the 2 lads what they want for their meal. They are wanting pizza and chicken wings. I purchased 6 pizzas. However 2 of these are chocolate dessert pizzas. This should be a pleasant surprise. I wanted to do something that shows appreciation beyond paying them for helping me. These little touches mean so much to them. I really appreciate the help.