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Ordered Parts For Managing My Laser Engraver Motor Wiring
[ Saturday May 9th 2020 at 12:05 am ]

The past few hours have been a marathon brain storm. I have been working out how to manage the motors and laser power cables for my laser engraver. Ultimately the time I spent working as an injection molding press operator have come back to benefit me: I've designed an overhead crane for managing the motor and laser engraver power cables that move over the wood and purchased longer cables for the side motors. The component parts will arrive in roughly 3 weeks. I will have about 3 hours of assembly and installation to get it in place. I used a computer monitor stand for the ventilation fan to hang over the laser engraver. There is space on the lower half of the VESA holder to mount this. It seems I have a viable "plan B". I am looking at the better part of 4 weeks for delivery. Due to Covid 19 I have paid for international tracking on all items. I think this is warranted and the additional attention it will give each of my component parts.