Living Life In A Wheelchair

Sewing 2 Hanging Garden Bags As A Present
[ Monday April 6th 2020 at 4:27 pm ]

A few days ago my aunt was preparing her garden for summer 2020. I certainly think this is a good idea for anyone who is impacted by Covid 19. Gardening can be therapeutic. It is a way to get out of your head. It is a creative outlet for stress. When you see what you've created it brings a sense of satisfaction making something out of the earth.

When my aunt was working with the tomato cages she tripped and broke her wrist. I don't think this should stop her from growing tomatoes this summer. But I also thought maybe a hanging flower display might be what she prefers. I've sewed her 2 hanging garden bags.

I made these to be 8" wide x 8" deep x 18" tall. Then I added a pair of handles for hanging from any outdoor hook of her choosing. This contains enough earth that she could get away with skipping a day of watering if is needed. I added 3 large button holes on all 4 sides for the plants to grow through. However I didn't cut open the button holes. I thought I'd like my aunt decide how to use these and what will suit her the most.

It has been a rewarding project. It wasn't overly time consuming. I need to remain focused on my cleaning and organizing of my home. This is a practical way I'm able to help my aunt through the summer of 2020 and show my love for her.