Living Life In A Wheelchair

Ordered A Toilet Clog Hand Pump Tool
[ Saturday April 4th 2020 at 7:37 am ]

With how my knee joints are deteriorating I am finding it very difficult plunging the toilet when it clogs. I've been looking into a pressure assist flush toilet. I was a bit shocked to discover they cost around $900CAD. I can justify the money spent on this. It isn't a luxury item. The issue at hand is the surge of pain in all my knees and hips the motion of plunging requires. This leaves me in horrid shape and needing to go to bed. I need to be doing other things than being in bed with debilitating pain.

I was talking this over with a friend last night. He presented me with a good intermediate step. There is a hand pump version that does the same thing as pressure assist flush toilets. You create the pressure by pumping this tool. Then it only needs to be put in place once to unclog the toilet. This will help me. As my knees are actively worsening it isn't a permanent solution. It will get me through to when I receive the next inheritance installment in fall 2020.