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Ordered The Parts To Re-Do My Weather Station Power Distribution
[ Tuesday February 4th 2020 at 11:40 pm ]

Over the past week I have been putting together a plan to dehumidify the air that enters my weather station power distribution. This is to prevent the heat the electronics create resulting in condensation and the power arcing I experienced a few weeks ago.

I am looking forward to the wiring that will be involved in doing this. It gives me so much joy using my hands. I find it very rewarding to see what I've been able to create. This has a practical purpose.

I tend not to enjoy doing things twice. In this instance it isn't bothering me. There is usually a point in each of my projects where I learn something new that radically affects the process and causes me to change or tweak my plans. The real world application to powering my weather station from the electrical grid revealed the weakness in my plans. There is certainly nothing like beta testing where theory meets reality.

Right now the coronavirus is big news. Businesses in China were asked to remain closed for an additional week to help contain and prevent new infections. I thought I'd place the order for the components I am needing and when they arrive so be it. Winter construction is absolutely miserable. I am ok waiting until spring to do the wiring.

My friend that is a licensed electrician has provided me with a strategy to prevent a power arc until I am able to replace my current setup. I am hoping the power won't arc a second time. It was really challenging changing the DC voltage regulator. However I was so glad I had my bucket of spare parts for when this needed the maintenance. I have ordered three more DC voltage regulators so I have spares for the future. I am hoping I will only need one for when I do the new wiring and then just routine maintenance.