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The Second VOIP Phone Line Has Been Delivered
[ Thursday January 30th 2020 at 5:31 pm ]

The second "voice over IP" phone line has been delivered. I have it setup. I am really impressed with the magicJack product line up. The VOIP device I am upgrading was the initial device magicJack produced that didn't require a computer to make and receive phone calls. It is truly amazing how this technology has evolved. I sent a test fax. It was transmitted at high speed. This wasn't possible with the initial device. It is obvious there has been an increase in the efficiency for how the audio of a phone call is compressed and the increase in clarity this provides for the bandwidth used. I am expecting magicJack developers spent time on their codec. I am not someone to recommend upgrading a phone simply because a new model is available or the contract is up and you are eligible. In this case the technology has truly warranted the upgrade.