Living Life In A Wheelchair

Attached Computer Speakers To Cabinet
[ Monday January 13th 2020 at 12:06 am ]

I started the deep cleaning and sorting around my computer. The cabinet I am now using for my computer has less surface area than the previous stand. I decided to bolt my computer speakers to the sides of the cabinet. I just completed this.

Doing this was fairly easy:

  • I started by drilling holes in the bottom of my computer speakers that match the speaker mount holes. Joining this with a bolt - nut was straight forward.
  • I used a pencil to mark where I needed a pilot holes in my new cabinet and drilled these.
  • Finally it was just a matter of attaching the speakers and positioning them so they face me while I am using the computer.

I am enjoying the deep clean and organizing of my home. I didn't realize I would enjoy doing this so much. It is amazing the stuff I've been able to get rid of because of focusing on other tasks in my life.