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My Roof And Basement Are Leaking
[ Saturday January 11th 2020 at 5:41 pm ]

We are having a rain storm today. It is hard to believe. It is suppose to be winter. Although we've had some snow the vast majority of days have been above freezing with little to no snow compared to usual.

The rain storm today is expected to bring a total of 8 inches or 20 cm by the time it finishes tomorrow. I've had an unpleasant discovery. My house roof is leaking. I am suspicious that the seal around my sky light needs replacing.

One of my friends use to install roofs as a vocation. I will have him take a look and try to assess what needs to happen. The shingles on my house roof are in good shape. They were replaced in 2010. I had felt shingles installed. They are expected to last 30 years. They aren't showing any signs of aging.

I can't come up with another reason why this leak has happened. With all the warm weather there hasn't been an opportunity for an ice dam to form. I am hopeful this is simple to resolve. A roof leak is tricky to address. Water travels downward with gravity. Where it is entering the house isn't automatically the source.