Living Life In A Wheelchair

CPU Worn Out In My Laptop Computer
[ Monday February 13th 2017 at 2:50 pm ]

Just as winter begin in 2009 my dad gave me a laptop computer. This computer was being sold with a heavy discount to make room for the new models. Over the years I've maintained it. It has functioned well providing me with streaming video, online shopping and a connection with other people. These are all very appealing due to my long term physical disability. They all contribute to my quality of life.

The computer has indicated that the CPU is worn out. I am not sure what the next best strategic move is. About a year ago I replaced the internal LED screen and only weeks ago I purchased a new battery. I also have an adapter to power the laptop with a 12 volt adapter. This is something I had planned to use making videos in enjoying nature with my power wheelchair providing the proper electricity to support HD video creation. Most likely if I can find an economical option I will make the repair. Even though the computer is nearly 8 years old it is working for my needs. It seems worth repairing.