Living Life In A Wheelchair

An Appointment With My Family Doctor
[ Monday February 13th 2017 at 2:43 pm ]

I've just finished an appointment with my family doctor.

I had him look in both my ears. They are both paining me. There is nothing obvious wrong. I will start using the drops from when I had "swimmers ear" about 6 months ago. If this doesn't clear up in 2 weeks I need a follow up visit.

My family doctor and I talked about me being discharged from the physiotherapy clinic and what I felt was reasonable for new imaging. We've submitted an unusual request for Canada that an ultrasound of my right knee joint be performed. This is common in England, but not here. If the hospital won't accept the request my family doctor has asked for what is the appropriate test.

I told my family doctor I reached out to the sports injury doctor who helped me in 2007. He doesn't typically see cases like me. If he is willing to see me and wants a referral my family doctor will write this. Alternatively there are doctors where I had my hip replacement surgery who could take me on for a fresh assessment. This will become a conversation after the imaging of my right knee joint is complete.

In the intern I am willing to do what is reasonable and possible using the pool and the conditioning center equipment. I am also wanting to get into deep cleaning my home and the modifications for my new power wheelchair.