Living Life In A Wheelchair

A Letter To A Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation Doctor
[ Monday February 6th 2017 at 10:18 am ]

I've just mailed the 15 page letter to the sports injury doctor I've been talking about during the past week. His proper title is 'physical medicine and rehabilitation'. I had wanted to hand deliver this. Where I live will be experiencing winter weather all week. Instead I've included a single page letter to this doctor's administrative assistant asking for confirmation this has been received by their office.

The topics I've covered in this letter are:

  • Summarized Medical History
  • Current Functional Abilities
  • Current Physiotherapy Regime
  • Pain And Pain Medication
  • Other Concerns
  • My Intentions

Reaching out to this doctor is the best way I know of going forward with my treatment. I have the motivation to keep going in my day to day life regardless of my mobility and pain challenges.