Living Life In A Wheelchair

Ontario Disability Support Program Property Tax Credit For 2017
[ Friday February 3rd 2017 at 4:24 pm ]

The 'Ontario Disability Support Program' is for people who live in Ontario Canada who have a disability which lasts in excess of 1 year. This is something I am very grateful for. I was approved at a time in my life when I was no longer able to be part of the work force.

Very thankfully I've been able to retain ownership of my modest home during my ongoing medical treatment. It has been a true blessing from God. When I needed to begin modifying the house to manage the symptoms of my physical disability I was able to do so. I didn't have to convince a landlord of the special set of physical needs I had.

As a recipient of the Ontario Disability Support Program and a home owner the city where I live offers a property tax credit to those recipients whose cost of housing exceeds this programs maximum housing allowance. I am one of these people. This year's credit is for $350. Some districts offer only a deferral (meaning the property tax is due upon the sale of the property.) The city where I live has an accessibility branch and are compassionate to people like myself who rely on wheelchairs for mobility.

I've just completed the paper work for this. I will deliver it to City Hall this evening as I transport myself to the pool for my physiotherapy.