Living Life In A Wheelchair

Ultrasound Of My Knee Joint
[ Wednesday November 13th 2019 at 1:35 pm ]

I've had a repeat of my right knee joint ultrasound. In the medical community it is known as a popliteal fossa. For me this has the potential to very quickly eliminate a whole lot of what isn't wrong with my knee joints. It will identify if any ligaments and tendons are torn. This has the potential to identify the fluid build up I've been reporting to the medical community. In the thought process of Sherlock Holmes what remains would be increased damage to the meniscus. This is on account of knee joint ultrasound being unable or ineffective to diagnose meniscus deterioration.

I'm expecting the results within a few days. My family doctor and I already talked over following this up with MRI imaging if a reasonable explanation to the new surge of pain and inflammation isn't identified. I want to be thorough. Of course the other option would be exploratory surgery. This would give a good look around inside my knee to try and understand what has gone so horribly wrong. In theory I've done what should have brought about a recovery several times over now. I need to get to the bottom of what is causing me so much pain and robbing me of my mobility. This is a marathon, not a sprint. I'm trying to make the best out of my life.