Living Life In A Wheelchair

Tree Is Being Removed From The Roof
[ Friday November 8th 2019 at 8:42 am ]

The tree that fell on my shed roof during the wind storm on October 31st has been removed. But I am really disappointed in the company that was hired to do this. They know how to remove a tree and are able to do this well. But their customer service has been very poor:

  • Branches were not removed from the solar panels on the shed
  • My green bin wasn't put back in position
  • My outdoor ladder wasn't returned to where I keep it
  • My picnic table was damaged and the company didn't have the courtesy to tell me this and offer to repair it.
  • The crane track broke some branches off the pine tree I planted in memory of Grandma Piggott. A limb that was broke was left hanging from the tree. Other pieces were left on the ground.
  • They didn't sweep up the tree shavings off my sidewalk
  • As a result of not returning my outdoor possessions to their original positions I am unable to access my backyard using my wheelchair.

I am going to reach out to the neighbor who hired the service to see if he will contact them. The company has not responded to the "Contact Us" form. I find this very disappointing and disrespectful.