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Put A Screw In The Post For The Weather Station Battery Compartment
[ Thursday November 7th 2019 at 4:45 pm ]

At present I'm using the extension battery pack for my outdoor weather station. The extension pack gives the ability to change the 'AA' batteries from the ground. I just put in a screw so the battery holder is now off the ground and won't get short circuited by the snow storms we are starting to experience.

I am considering 2 plans to power the weather station sensor long term:

  • Option 1 is to setup an upgraded battery backup. This would involve running the weather station sensor using (2) 12 volt 7aH batteries and a circuit that would step down the voltage to the 3 volts the weather station sensor uses. This would amount to significantly less battery changes and be easier for me to manage.
  • Option 2 is to power the weather station using a UPS battery backup surge protecter, trenching a wire to the base of the mast the weather station is mounted on and using the step down voltage circuit. This route does have 2 advantages. Trenching electricity would allow me to do some extras:
    • It gives me the option to power a 12 volt LED light to shine on the weather station sensor if night time maintenance is required in the future.
    • I could use the electricity to make heat. This would be useful for measuring the amount of snow in the winter months.
    • A UPS battery backup surge protector would provide continuous electricity to the weather station sensor without the need for me to change the batteries.

I am thinking through my options. There is the possibility of doing the upgraded batteries and upgrading to the UPS battery backup surge protector in the future.