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Phone Line Removed From The Tree That Fell
[ Saturday November 2nd 2019 at 6:13 pm ]

When the tree fell onto my shed roof it tangled itself up in the above ground phone wire to my home. I don't use this any more. I have a "voice over IP" phone service.

I initially reached out to the phone company so the phone line may be safely removed from the tree. They have just left. The phone line has been extracted from the tree. I am very pleased to have this step completed. The phone company employee was very responsive in assisting me with this step.

My next step is reaching out to the city. The house on the property immediately north of mine was torn down this summer. I don't have a door to knock on and work out a plan to address this. Instead I've asked the city to help me by making an introduction. I am hoping the neighbor will help me work out a plan to remove the tree and get it off the roof. I'm making progress. This is what matters.