Living Life In A Wheelchair

Tree Fell In My Backyard During Wind Storm
[ Thursday October 31st 2019 at 11:40 pm ]

We are having a major wind storm. It is proving a really good test for my new weather station installation. I am so grateful for the advice of the engineer who helped me this summer sort out the installation in a safe methodology. The weather station is standing firm and upright at our current wind speed of 24 mile or 39 km per hour winds.

However a neighbors tree on the other side of the fence line didn't take a page out of the weather station book. A tree just fell on the roof of my shed. There is no immediate health and safety concern. I can deal with this when I get up tomorrow. It is late. I want a fresh mind to deal with this. It will help me be objective and not let my emotions get the better since I'll be rested.