Living Life In A Wheelchair

Purchased A Wheelchair Friendly Faucet For My Bathroom
[ Friday October 4th 2019 at 3:28 pm ]

I just finished shopping at Home Depot. Two of the plumbing department employees both helped me a whole lot just now. I am so grateful.

The question I had for them was to figure out the best option for a wheelchair friendly faucet to purchase. They took their time with me. The employees listened to my needs as I described what's wrong with my current faucet.

Ultimately I've settled on a laundry faucet. The "head" pulls out. This will be very helpful when I rinse the male urinal I use each day. This is also taller than my current faucet. This will be easier to get my hands into the sink when I am sitting down to wash.

Finally one of the employees opened the packaging see I could be sure of the installation process and then took me to their supply of repair parts so I'd have confidence if something breaks I will be able to repair it. I have confidence this will promote a better quality of life for me. I will need to make a video thanking my Patreon sponsor income for supporting this purchase.