Living Life In A Wheelchair

Gave Outdoor Storage Bin Annual UV Clear Coat
[ Monday September 16th 2019 at 10:25 am ]

A year ago I purchased an outdoor storage bin. This is for couriers to use for delivering my online purchases. I shop online to have the most independence possible given the challenges my physical disability and chronic pain causes me. This is to provide protection from the weather when I am not home to receive my deliveries.

The outdoor storage bin is made out of plastic. It is roughly 5 feet wide x 2 feet deep x 30 inches tall. It wasn't cheap. I treat this as an investment. When I first purchased it I gave it a UV clear coat so the sun would not degrade the plastic. Then I set myself an annual appointment to maintain the UV clear coat. This came up on my calendar last week. I've now purchased the spray can of clear coat with UV inhibitors and applied it to the outdoor storage bin. This will need the next 5 days to cure. This task is completed for another year.