Living Life In A Wheelchair

Paper Shredder Wore Out
[ Thursday August 15th 2019 at 7:55 pm ]

My paper shredder wore out. The "on - off - reverse" switch is becoming unresponsive intermittently. I am smelling the effects of the power arcing. It is no longer safe to use this. I've spent time researching what is currently available and the cost of the various shredding standards. The short coming of my past 3 paper shredders has been of general use. They have been too short due to the effects of my physical disability. The bending needed to use shred paper is causing me pain.

I've settled on an office caliper paper shredder. My new model will be Bonsaii EverShred Pro 4S16. This is the height I need to not experience pain. I won't build up a backlog of papers to be shredded. It comes with wheels meaning I won't have to lift it when cleaning. I am very pleased with the combination of motor caliper, cooling system and shredded paper size. This caliper of paper shredder has been on my "wish list" for several years. With the continued deterioration of my physical disability I am now able to justify this purchase.