Living Life In A Wheelchair

Unexpected Kindness
[ Tuesday August 13th 2019 at 2:55 pm ]

Before I went to bed last night I prayed for encouragement. I was very weak from my hips, knees and lower spine hurting me. It happened today.

This morning I used paint stripper on the physiotherapy ultrasound case. It removed about 85% of the paint. It failed to leave fully bare metal. It needed more attention. I messaged a machine shop to ask the feet for sand blasting. $70 an hour is their fee. I thought about it. I wanted to see if I could do any more myself to save the cost of hiring someone to sand blast, especially because I can buy a sand blaster for $50.

My thought was to buy a sanding drum for my Dremel Rotary tool. I have 100's of the sanding cylinders here. I bought them directly from Asian countries. Only I didn't count on the drum these mount onto busting. I figured I would go to the hard ware store, buy a new drum and have one more go at sanding myself. I went online. I found a Amazon's price match for the product. it is more money per unit than the 10 pack I ordered when the drum mount wore out yesterday from an Asian country. But it would save me in labor costs from the metal working shop. I definitely could save the cost of the part in sand blasting fee.

I went up to the hard ware store. I went to talk to the windows and doors employee. I wanted to ask about either refurbishing or replacing my wood windows. They need maintenance. Part way through the conversation he said to me I should buy a paint stripper drill attachment. He proceeded to show me a 45 second video so I could understand. When we were finished talking I went looking in the tool section and found it.

I thought to myself "I should try this on the physiotherapy ultrasound housing before I commit to a big project like refurbishing windows." As I was heading over to the store fountain a neighbor recognized me and said "Hello". He asked what I was doing there. I explained that I purchased a piece of medical equipment, the paint arrived flaking off and I was up here to buy this paint removal drill accessory to finish stripping the paint so I could re-do the paint myself.

He looked at the tool and said "Give that to me". I did. I was surprised with what happened next: He handed it to the cashier and paid for it. I was shocked but grateful. i've found the settings for using the physiotherapy ultrasound unit to flush inflammation out of a joint. It means a lot to me. This came with a carrying case. I am going to putting on baked on enamel paint. The enamel will protect this if I need to travel and help ease my pain.

When I came home I put the adapter into my drill press. It is made for a drill. For what I am doing using the drill press and just moving around the physiotherapy ultrasound housing works perfect. I am so impressed. I am down to bare metal with ease. I see that I need to buy a version that has a horizontal orientation. This will be perfect for cleaning up the corners. Then I will be ready for paint.

It has been a good day. I've learned a new skill. Most importantly what I have control over for my pain is being taken care of.