Living Life In A Wheelchair

Faxed A Letter To My Physiotherapist
[ Saturday January 21st 2017 at 10:23 pm ]

I've just faxed a detailed summary in the form of a letter to my physiotherapist. There is a lot to this:

  • That a probable recurrent partial ACL tear occurred in my right knee joint
  • I am unsure of how to proceed with my physiotherapy program beyond range of motion exercises for my hip joints in the pool and the use of the hip adduction and hip abduction in an attempt to maintain the strength of my artificial hip joints. In other words I have no idea what to do for my knee joints
  • The amount of steps I am able to take each day based on a pedometer. This is very little. My primary means of mobility is the use of my power wheelchair.
  • Concern I have that my family doctor is wanting this to work while in reality I am able to do less than 5 months ago
  • That I continue to conclude that I wasn't given a fair assessment by my surgeon in September 2016
  • I've expressed a commitment to see whatever physiotherapy is recommended until I am discharged by the physiotherapist my family doctor added to my care in November 2016
  • That I am going to request a new consultation with the sports injury doctor who was instrumental in getting my treatment on track in 2007
  • I've spoke of mail ordering the bowed legs traction kit to see if my legs may be straightened and improve the alignment of my knee joints. This is a very slow process. It is better than the surgical intervention technique.
  • With my mobility continuing to deteriorate I am unwilling to loose what remains of my mobility in the name physiotherapy for my knee joints. With the help of friends I am instead wanting to use what remains of my knee joints to re-organize the layout of the furniture of my home for optimal use of my power wheelchair and office space for the best organization of my home employment aspiration. These are both part of my commitment for the best quality of life possible.
  • I closed my letter with when the time comes that I want to review the discharge report before it is forwarded onto my family doctor. A report from a physiotherapist is going to be instrumental in helping break the will of the medical community if I must seek surgical intervention for my knee joints.