Living Life In A Wheelchair

Purchased Cabinet For Physiotherapy Ultrasound Storage
[ Friday July 26th 2019 at 9:19 pm ]

I've been thinking about the practical part of using a physiotherapy ultrasound unit. it is only safe to use for mere minutes each day. Much of the time it will be in storage. I've just found an ideally shaped night stand to store it in.

  • It is the height of a bed. It will fit nicely under my laser engraver when not in use.
  • I've been on eBay and ordered a set of wheels. The wheels are going to be needed to bring this to where I am at when a dose of physiotherapy ultrasound is administered.
  • The small cupboard will effectively store my big jug of physiotherapy ultrasound gel. It will also be useful for the carrying case.

When this arrives I have a few small modifications:

  • I will need to drill a hole for the physiotherapy ultrasound power cable to pass through the back of the cabinet.
  • I also plan to add a hole to the top. This will be for the 'head' of the ultrasound to rest in and come out of in the same way a kitchen sink hose pulls out.
  • I am going to have a friend assist me in cutting off the 4 short legs.
  • Then I'll add the 4 wheels

This should prove to be very practical and helpful.