Living Life In A Wheelchair

Requesting Knee Surgeon Contact Details
[ Saturday July 13th 2019 at 9:47 pm ]

I've had serious problems with my ankles during the past 2 weeks. They have given me a lot of trouble. It is like there is a 3 way "tug of war" happening in both of my legs. That is my hips verses my knees verses my ankles.

Ultimately the challenges I will face as a result of surgery are increasing. I am needing my knee surgeries "sooner than later". The ability to make a recovery following knee surgery is slipping away. My ankles are exponentially complicating the process. I am also going to require much more practical help in managing my day to day life in the intern.

I've contacted the surgeon's office who did the referral to the knee surgeon specialist. I've asked for the contact details so my family doctor may advocate for expedited treatment.