Living Life In A Wheelchair

Home From The Hospital
[ Friday July 12th 2019 at 1:56 am ]

The past 2 weeks have been very challenging. Neither of my ankles are doing ok. At times simply standing up has been a challenge. With right ankle pain being severe and swollen I've gone to the emergency department of my local hospital for an assessment.

The ER doctor was the same one who was instrumental in getting the medical treatment for my hips on track in 2011. The ER doctor was compassionate and understanding. She has encouraged me to engage in every intervention possible. These include:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Tensor Bandage
  • Ankle Brace
  • Ice And Heat

This doctor had a strong urgency that I have my knee surgery sooner than later. I will also pursue this. I am also going to need more practical help for managing my day to day life. It is just too complicated with issues in each of my leg joints.

Unfortunately I've experienced the pain in my ankles previously. It has been present when tears have occurred in each of my hips and both of my knees. I am not convinced I will actually recovery following knee surgery. I need to think about how I will proceed in life and have the best quality of life possible.